Being More Than An Artist

Being More Than An Artist

Make Money With Your Music Being More Than An Artist

Most upcoming artists fail to realize that being an artist is more than just performing and recording music but that they are a businessman (or woman) as well. I’m gonna go over some info that might help you rethink what your going up against in the music field.

1. Starting from the bottom
So right now you already started recording your own music and started promoting your songs online. People are starting to get to know you and your geeing positive feedback. Nice work! “Now What’s Next?” I’ll tell you what’s next – LEARN AND GROW! You ever heard the saying that “knowledge is power?” Well it is, many music artists get signed by labels and end up not making money and not building as an artist…. Don’t believe me? Click the links below of artists who have not been receiving checks from labels.

Tyga only received a Signing bonus

Universal Music Tries to Take Zoe Keating’s Royalty checks

Drake not paid royalties from YMCMB

2. What to do next? Sign to a label or Be independent
It’s now time for you to learn the business. Most artists don’t know the truth about the music industry so don’t wait till its too late to start learning. Not saying that all labels will do this, but let’s entertain the following concept (which is mostly true and practiced by major labels):

When signed to a record label, an artist must record multiple songs and then get them approved by the label. In most cases the label only chooses one track out of probably 10 or more. Because they want to portray a specific image or build some type of frenzy. This means that most of the music you hear from artists today aren’t even the “real music” the artist wants to portray. Think about that.

When you are an independent artist you can upload “your music” wherever and how ever you would like. With social media, there are not limitations as to where you can upload your music and to how many people will hear you. You don’t have to worry about PAYOLA because you will be able to share your music for free by using the free tools I’ve discussed in my article on how to promote your music the correct way.

3. Invest in yourself

Being More Than An Artist

After you have learned more about the music trade, learn to invest in yourself. No one will invest in you if you can’t invest in yourself. Many artists look for a hand-out and expect for people to pick them up and carry them to the top. NO! Not to burst your bubble, but that will not happen and if it does happen, then good luck, because most of those artists don’t last long because they lack the discipline and knowledge base to keep their music and business a float.

If you are now uploading music to the internet and sending your product around, then you must make sure that it is quality. If you need your tracks to be mixed & mastered then pay for it! Better yet, learn how to do it yourself. The more dynamic and rounded you are in this industry, the more likely you can succeed on your own or even build a powerful team.

There is no doubt that there are power in numbers, but don’t get too hyped up on getting signed to a label or building a team until you have fully understood the different components that make these things possible. I’m going to tell you that the earlier you learn these things, the better.

4. Keep your head up!
Sometimes it gets rough trying to do everything on your own, but don’t give up. I was about to quit being a producer 2 years ago, but I had producer friends that I network with that encouraged me to stay strong. Shortly after, I landed a beat sale in Japan as well as a upcoming artist from London (You can view the music video with my beat here.) which also helped me stay focused.

No matter how rough it gets keep working hard to reach your goals, because one day you will catch your break.

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