Build Relationships & Get Paid

As an artist now starting your career, it’s definitely hard to get your music out there. It’s just about throwing your links everywhere, it’s really about building relationships and connecting with your fans. That way it’s easier to get support when you put out new music.

Online Interaction With People Is Still Interacting With PEOPLE

Just because we are not talking to someone face-to-face that all of a sudden they aren’t a person anymore. People still respond to the same emotions, temperance and all other things considered in physical human interaction even online. Most of my relationships I have built with my artists have helped me continually get paid for my music, because they trust me. Not just because I have quality beats, but because they like my personality and everything that comes with our interaction.

Consider this each time you interact with your fans, if they can’t relate to you or talk to you as an individual instead of someone trying to always sell to them, then there’s a problem. You can’t sell your music that way. Build relationships, get to know what their needs and wants are and then you can better relate to them and better serve them when it comes to your music.

It’s time for you to go and take action and Be You, Be Legendary!