Buy Beats Online Cheap

Buy Beats Online Cheap


Buy beats online cheap at We provide you with the best quality instrumentals for a price that won’t hurt your wallet. Over the past few years, LegendaryBeatzOnline has become a source fr pure unique styles and genres that cannot be found anywhere else. Be aware that we provide beats that are not only ready for radio play, but sounds nothing like songs that are already out.

Our Motto, “Be You. Be Legendary.” may seem simple, but has so much of a back meaning behind it. You as the upcoming artist, need the resources for you to best portray your talent. So we provide those resources for you, in a professional manner that is not only beneficial to you, but to your future listeners as well. Buy beats online  is a great way to help you get that boost to get your music out there and we want to be your main source for beats!

We offer great bundle deals for leasing rights on beats. Leasing gives you the option of selling 2000 copies of your finished work. Along with leasing rights you can have up to 1 commercial project. Other than that, you still have to give LegendaryBeatzOnline credit for making beat because we still own rights to that beat. Leasing rights are geared to the artist, who is looking for an instrumental for any given project, but is not ready to get exclusive rights for whatever reason.

Exclusive rights come with full rights to the instrumental, which also includes: trackouts, stems, mp3 and wav format of instrumental delivered. You can sell an unlimited amount of your finished track. Exclusive prices are negotiable, but are never under $399.99. Please email if you have any more questions on leasing/exclusive rights or how to buy beats online cheap.

There’s so many producers out there, that its hard to really stick to one producer. With LegendaryBeatzOnline we cover almost every genre that you need! From HipHop to R&B, even to some Pop. We make it our duty to give you the best range of products and services as possible. Your beats really do make a difference on how your audience listen to your tracks, so always remember that.

Most A&R’s know if they are going to like your track within the first 5-10 seconds of the track. This means that before they even hear your voice, they already have made their choice. Your beat selection is so vital to your career and should never be taken for granted. Please make it your duty that when you buy beats, that you make sure they fit your style and go in the direction you are looking for, because there are NO RETURNS!

Once you have purchased a beat, you are stuck with that beat. Buy beats online cheap, but also buy smart. This is why LegendaryBeatzOnline is here for you, to provide you with the best type of beats out there, for a price that beats any competition.

The online community has grown so much in the past few years that, producers are able to upload their beats just about anywhere. The more you search google or any search engine, the more beats you will find. Some will be good and some will be bad. Questions you should ask yourself should be: Do they have good customer service? How long do I have to wait to get my beats? What right do I get with beats. LegendaryBeatzOnline has quality customer service, You get your beat instantly after purchase, and all information on rights are delivered after purchase and also made available for you to read on the home page and on the licensing info page.

It’s time for you to take control of your career. Be You. Be Legendary.

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